“Humankind has probably been drawing maps since the first person used a finger to make a line in the sand. Then and now, maps define our position on the Earth in relation to landmarks and other people. Michael Francis Reagan is both a mapmaker in that tradition, and an artist who brings his own vision of the Earth-as-artistic-subject to his work. “Among my earliest memories are evenings spent looking at National Geographic, and day dreaming of far-away places in the maps on those pages.” Beginning with meticulously drawn pencil sketches of the map he is creating, Reagan then invests it with his “life-long passion for watercolor.” Embodying the Earth herself, watercolor is a mixture of water and ground earth pigments. He applies watercolor in controlled splashes of tone that convey mood as well as terrain. What this adds to the cold truth of Reagan’s detailed maps are the enigmas of ancient maps and charts, lost monsters, civilizations and the absence of them. In short, they tell painterly tales, bring the mapmaker’s pure drafting skill into the realm of storytelling.”

—Florie Gilbard, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

“The Map & Atlas Museum of La Jolla, California recently purchased 215 of Michael Francis Reagan’s maps. Reagan’s maps will be exhibited as part of their permanent collection and in the years ahead will be donated to The Library of Congress, keeping the collection intact and insuring his place alongside the masters of map making history. Over the course of a forty-plus year career, Reagan has produced over 2,000 original maps and illustrations. With the advent of computer-generated maps, he will surely be the last mapmaker working at this quantity and quality level in the hand-painted and hand-lettered traditions of the mapmaker’s art.” — From the museum director


Born in El Dorado, Arkansas and has lived for extended periods of time in Japan, Germany, Spain, and Africa. Served in the U.S. Navy and in The Peace Corps Ivory Coast West Africa. BA in Art and American Literature and MFA University of Arkansas. Married and the father of four grown sons and the grandfather of three. Lives with the love of his life, his beautiful wife of over forty years, Christina Rosalia. They share a studio with their little dog Becky Thatcher in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Partial List of Commissions and Collections: 
The National Park Service, National Zoo, Peace Corps, The Nature Conservancy, Tampa History Center, National Archives, San Diego Zoo, Alleghany Trail Alliance, Heifer Project, Ducks Unlimited, Jane Katcher Antiques, Florida Wildlife Initiative, Napa Valley Appellations, Architectural Design Guild, Freer Gallery, Christie’s, Patagonia, the Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s, and American Airlines.

Partial List of Clients: 
National Geographic, Smithsonian, The New Yorker, Audubon, Outside, Harper’s, On Earth, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Wall St. Journal, Architectural Digest, Travel & Leisure, Orion, Bon Appétit, South Dakota Magazine. Book publishers - Doubleday, Time-Life Books, Little Brown, Harcourt Brace, Vintage Books, St. Martin’s Press, Chronicle Books, Bloomsbury Children’s Books, McGraw Hill, Avon Books, Marshall Cavendish.

Represented by:

Grovewood Gallery, Asheville North Carolina

Gallery C, Raleigh North Carolina

Gallery C West, Blowing Rock North Carolina

Alex Gallery, Washington DC

Partial List of Exhibits:

The Grovwood Gallery, Asheville North Carolina (solo exhibit “Falling” 2018)

The Grovewood Gallery, Asheville North Carolina (group exhibit 2017)

Gallery C, Raleigh North Carolina (group show 2017)
The Annesdale Park Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee (solo exhibit 2016)
The Annesdale Park Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee (summer group exhibit 2016)
Carolina Gallery, Spartanburg, South Carolina (group exhibit 2016)
Alex Gallery, Gallery A in Washington, DC ( solo 2014) 
Alex Gallery, Gallery A in Washington, D.C. (solo 2013)
Gallery 10 in Washington, D.C. (solo)
Brody Gallery in Washington, D.C. (group)
Tula Foundation Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia (group)
45th North Carolina Artists Exhibit at North Carolina Museum of Art (group)
The Mint Biennial in Charlotte, NC (group)
Kinston Center for the Arts in North Carolina (solo)
Durham Arts Council, North Carolina (solo)
The Paper Plant Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina (solo)
Fayetteville Museum of Art in North Carolina (group)
Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia (solo)
Hand Gallery - Richmond Virginia Center for the Arts (group)
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (solo)
Danville Museum of Fine Arts in Virginia (solo)
Urbi et Orbi Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas (solo)
Arkansas Arts Center – The Delta Art Show (group)